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Buyers want your loan because the shorter payment terms 

saves thousands. Transfer it, to

releases your liability, prevent taxable losses, & preserve credit. 

Any home owner who has an Assumable Loan can take advantage of our service. Use our free tool below to verify if your loan is assumable.  

Home owners simply advertise their current monthly payment with us, respond to our buyers, then order the full release of liability letter from their lender. 

Property values skew the true hidden equity of your mortgage.Your existing mortgage loan is cheaper than new financing. Find out what your value is today.  

its about time we found a better solution to offer our customers. short sales hurt lenders and consumers. there is no pain with this strategy and it IS VERY cost effective for buyers.  

Instead of waiting for the economy to rebuild property equity values, homeowners who feel trapped can let someone else take over, and release all responsibility associated with their loan.  Our easy FSBO web tool allows sellers and buyers to connect directly.  Take a few pictures list it yourself.  

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“short sales hurt lenders and sellers. What a relief to know there is a better option"

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